Mission Opportunities This Week!

Every week there are opportunities for our church to continue providing physical and spiritual hunger relief in Middle Tennessee. One out of every seven people struggle with hunger in Tennessee and that number will probably increase due to the pandemic. There couldn't be a better time for us to be used to help those who are hungry! While farm work is limited this week, there are other ways you can be providing hope for the hungry THIS WEEK.
DONATE FOOD  - We’re taking food donations to food pantries to help feed people locally. There are several non-profit organizations that are working to feed the hungry and are in need of food for their food pantries. Here is a list of things most needed. To help consolidate efforts as a church, you can drop off your donations at the church building on TODAY- SUNDAY from 9 am - 5 pm. We'll keep a safe distance! Let us know if you're coming by contacting us at (615) 739.7140.
DISTRIBUTE FOOD - You can help those who are in need of food by helping distribute food on Saturday (May 16) with the organization OneGenAway. They are an organization that works as a mobile food pantry for the hungry. You can find out more about OneGen Away here. Volunteers will help unload, organize, and distribute food from 8:30 am - 11:30 am at Johnson Elementary School, 815 Glass Lane, TN 37064 United States - Map.  If you want to join Manny, let him know you're coming by contacting him at (615) 739.7140 .   You can learn more about the opportunity here.
Hope you can join us in continuing to feed the hungry this week!






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