Belize Mission Trip 2018

by Manny Williams

Visiting different countries is a thrilling endeavor by itself! But visiting them with the intent of expanding the message of the Gospel is a challenging, enthralling, and transformative experience. Our trip to Belize this past October encapsulated this experience.

On our trip we had the wonderful privilege of visiting the small village of Crique Jute. We had over 40 gospel conversations and 5 gospel believing decisions made.

One of the major highlights of our trip was the opportunity to conduct a gathering on Tuesday evening. We had over 65 in attendance! This was a remarkable turn out that accounted for more than twenty-percent of the village population! God was powerfully at work in our midst! Each team member on the trip was able to contribute to the worship gathering in a impactful way!

We were also blessed to be a part of the Vacation Bible School in the village. We sang songs, shared the gospel, and played games with the students. The gratitude of the students was memorable. Regardless of the conditions the students  lived in or the dire circumstances that were present, they had a joy that was palpable and a gratitude that was priceless.

Due to the rain and prohibiting weather we were unable to do anything outside with the students. This presented an opportunity for us to partner with the Belize Training Center to help supply concrete sidewalks for the kids to walk back and forth to class without tracking mud inside of the school. Part of the RCC Christmas missions offering will go to blessing this village and the Belize Training Center ministry. The villagers will conduct the labor needed to complete the project. RCC, in partnership with the Belize Training Center, will provide the materials needed to create the sidewalks!

The Belize Training Center, ran by Bob and Rhonda Farley, was a home from home. In the mornings and evenings team members enjoyed a good breakfast and dinner. Over meals we had conversations of our experiences throughout the day. These times were precious and cherishing because it gave us the opportunity to grow in our relationship and love with one another. Bob and Rhonda were excellent host and blessed us with their stories of being missionaries in a foreign land for the past twenty years! We had the privilege of seeing God use the work of their hands to build the Belize Training Center.

The Belize Training Center now host its own church plant. They have Sunday gatherings and other gatherings (e.g. prayer meetings and bible studies) throughout the week. The training center has also been blessed to have a growing Bible College. Currently they are adding onto the one college building and also building a dormitory for students to stay. The Lord is clearly blessing the work there!

Lastly, please pray for Bob and Rhonda Farley. Here are a couple of key ways we can pray for them and their ministry:

  1. See steady increase in enrolling students into the Bible college
  2. More qualified staff to move to Belize and work for the Bible college.
  3. A church to be planted in Crique Jute

If you’re thinking about going on a foreign missions trip, stop thinking and decide to go! It’s a life changing experience! It’ll shape your mind and allow you to see the world through different eyes. It’ll bring you closer to understanding the vision in Revelation where, “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, [are] standing before the throne and before the Lamb…” It’ll allow you to get a glimpse of the fulfillment of the great commission! So, go!






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