RCC Staff Update

By Jedidiah Coppenger

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that Tyler Moffett will be joining the RCC staff as the Director of Student City and Pastoral Assistant! Since we announced our search to fill this role this past Fall, we have interviewed a wide range of candidates. And we believe that Tyler is exactly the kind of leader that we prayed God would bring us. Tyler and his wife, Jen, will move here mid-summer, with plenty of time to get ready for an amazing next school year.

As Tyler makes his transition into the RCC family this summer, we thought it’d be helpful to send a little more info about him.

Who is Tyler?
Grew up in the Houston area and is the oldest of 5 kids. He attended Texas A&M University and majored in Business Finance. However, while in college he began to feel the call towards ministry. Tyler has served in a number of ministry roles, including going through the ministry residency of the Village Church in Dallas, TX, and for the past 3 years he has served as the High School Minister at 121 Community Church in the same area.

Tyler is also a student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is finishing out his M.Div. In his spare time you can catch Tyler on any given Saturday cheering on the Aggies to the victory. He also enjoys throwing the Frisbee or football, playing the guitar, and dominating in Spades. Unabashedly he is bandwagon Cowboys fan.  

He is married to Jen, and they are expecting their first child in the Fall!

How did we hear about Tyler?
We heard about Tyler through a mutual friend, Patrick McGinty, a former member of RCC. Patrick reached out to us knowing we had been on a thorough search a Student Director. Patrick and Tyler are friends, having gone to the same college. One day after very specifically praying for God to lead us to the best candidate for this position Patrick contacted us at the end of that day. After the initial conversation with Patrick we loaded Patrick up with several questions to conduct a soft interview for us to make sure he was someone worth pursuing and a good fit for the team.

What was the hiring process like?
We began our search by praying for God’s blessing on it and announcing it publicly through our online communication channels, to the church, and to our ministry networks and contacts. As we interviewed the candidates that we accumulated, we examined their character, competency, capacity, calling, and chemistry. We watched how they responded to certain “case studies,” and more. Some candidates received multiple interviews. Eventually, we brought a couple of the candidates to RCC to meet with key leaders like the staff, elders, and student leadership team.

After receiving feedback from the team, checking out Tyler’s references, and bathing all of this in prayer, we believed Tyler was the man we’ve been looking for our students.

When will he start?
Tyler will start mid-June, enabling him to make it to the annual student summer camp. This will enable Tyler to finish up his obligations that he had previously committed to.

How can you reach him?
Email:  tyler@redemptioncity.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tylermoffett
Twitter:  @TylerMoffett
Instagram:  @tylermoffett

How can you best help Tyler and Jen and RCC with this transition?
Please pray! We believe that the Enemy wants to keep us from taking a kingdom advancing step like this. Please pray with us! Also, please do your best to make him and his wife feel welcomed. We want to be a church that feels like home for everyone, so let’s do our best to make that true for them.

Please let us know if you have any questions.






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