A Hopeful Future

RCC Family,
This past month, we closed out our 2019/2020 fiscal year. This is a natural time for our team to look back and be reminded of all we saw God do at Redemption City Church. Once again, we stand in awe of God’s faithfulness to His bride.
I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things that stood out most to us. As you read these stories and statistics, I hope you are as encouraged as we are by all that we have seen God do in our midst!
Hope For The Hungry
This year, Redemption City Church started using a portion of our 30.9 acres to grow over 40,000 pounds of food. We gave it away to nine partnering organizations that feed hundreds of families in the name of Jesus. Not only did we meet the needs of hundreds of families in our community, but we also saw over 100 people from our church and community give their time to make this vision a reality.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Cul2vate in 2020/2021! Cul2vate seeks to feed the hungry by growing food and growing people.  Not only will Cul2vate help us grow and harvest food, but they will also assist those in need of a second chance with job readiness, life skills, and business training. Cul2vate aims to help individuals find full-time employment at the end of their journey.

We truly are becoming a church that is providing Hope For The Hungry!

Hope In The Midst of Pandemic
At the end of 2019, no one would have ever imagined what the church would be walking through during 2020. In March, our church faced an unprecedented time where we could no longer meet in person. While so many churches began to see people step back, Redemption City Church saw people step up!

During this time, we were able to quickly pivot to “gathering” online by live streaming our worship gatherings and moving many of our groups to a Zoom format.

Over the past 6 months:
  • Seven new adult groups started, many of those being led by first time leaders!
  • Our church moved from meeting in person to meeting online and now meeting in person again. The move to online gatherings for a short period of time allowed many new families to find RCC.
  • Many families who found us online now fully engage in the life of Redemption City and have said, "In any other church I get what I call 'church anxiety,' but when I came to RCC, I felt like I could truly be myself."
  • Our student ministry moved its primary student environment to a weekly Wednesday worship gathering. During this time, we saw 20% growth in the number of students. Parents have shared stories of how their student really never wanted to go to church before or were never excited about student ministry, but now they never want to miss it!
  • In the past three months, we gave out 70+ first time guest bags!
  • As of right now, October’s Intro to RCC has the highest number of registrations since January. We are grateful for so many of those first time guests taking a step to plug into RCC.
Joyful Generosity
As a church, you continue to amaze us with your generosity! This fiscal year, we saw an increase in giving of 26% from last year, and God blew us away by seeing our giving extend 7% above what we projected. We also saw 57 new people step into living out the spiritual discipline of generosity as they became first time givers. As always, our staff wants to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to us, and we underspent our projections by 14%. That wasn’t 14% less ministry; that was your staff ensuring we faithfully stewarded God’s money in a way that would honor Him! Way to go, RCC staff!
A Hopeful Future
As we go into the 2020/2021 fiscal year, there is still so much unknown in our world. However, we can be assured of what Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
For those of you who have already reengaged in person, we have loved seeing your face (from a social distance, of course)! For those of you looking to come back in person soon, we can’t wait to see you! And to those of you who are still engaging online for now, we continue to look forward to “seeing you” there! No matter how you engage over the next coming months, we want to encourage you to do so in a way that will help you look more like Jesus today than you did yesterday and more like Jesus this year than you did last year.
We believe that 2020/2021 will be one of the greatest years in the history of our church, and we are grateful to partner with you to see Jesus’ church thrive!






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