RCC Safety Procedures

by Christian Walker

In light of recent articles in the media concerning sexual abuse within evangelical churches, we wanted to remind RCC parents and volunteers of our safety procedures (already in place!) and how seriously we take the protection of our kids and students. To create these policies and procedures, we have consulted with other churches and safety ministries. And because safety is the highest of priorities at RCC, we are constantly evaluating these protocols to see how we might improve. You should know that when it comes to our children, we will always stand with the victims and report any questionable or improper actions immediately, no matter the consequences.  We are absolutely committed to protecting our students and children, and we welcome any questions or feedback you might have concerning our practices and procedures.

Here is a sample of our volunteer training and safety processes directly from our Kids & Student City Teacher Handbooks:

Volunteer Implementation
• Meet with someone on the Kids & Student City Leadership Team.
• Complete a background check through Protect My Ministry.
• Shadow a Kids & Student City teacher to learn policies & procedures.
• Attend Kids & Student City Teacher Trainings throughout the year.

Volunteer/Child Safety
• Never be alone with a child.
• Keep Kids & Student City a secure area by only allowing approved volunteers in the classrooms.
• Men are not allowed to assist children in the restroom or change diapers.
• Cell phones should not be out in the classroom around children or students.
Restroom Policy
• Parents are encouraged to take their children to the restroom before entering class.
• Teachers are encouraged to schedule restroom breaks for the whole class before or after worship.
• Teachers may never enter the restroom alone with a child.
• If a child requires assistance, the teacher must prop the door open and ask another teacher or kids leadership to observe or help.
• Remember to wash your hands!
• Restroom Policy reminders are located outside every restroom for reference.

Signing Kids In & Out in Kids City
• Use the rosters on the clipboards inside the classrooms to mark attendance.
• Write “I” for IN and “O” for OUT as children come in and out of the classroom.
• Always ask for the parent’s security tag and match the security code on the child’s name tag.
• If parents do not have their security tag, please send them to the Kids City Desk for a new sticker.
• Even if you know the parent, please still ask for the security tag to help other parents see the secure process in place.
• If parents have not checked out their children by 11:45, please bring them to the Kids City Desk.

Appropriate Touch
Love and caring can be expressed in the following appropriate ways by:
• Bending down to the child’s eye level and speaking kindly; listening to him or her carefully
• Taking a child’s hand and leading him or her to an activity
• Putting an arm around the shoulder of a child who needs quieting or comforting
• Taking both of the child’s hands as you say, “You did such a good job!” or “I’m so glad to see you. We’ve missed you!”, etc.
• Patting a child on the head, hand, shoulder or back to a rm him or her
• Holding a child by the shoulders or hand to keep his or her attention while you redirect the child’s behavior
• Gently holding the child’s chin to help him or her focus on what you are saying
• Holding a preschool child (or younger) who is crying

Inappropriate Touch
You must avoid:
• Kissing a child, coaxing a child to kiss you, extended hugging and tickling
• Touching a child in any area that would be covered by a bathing suit (except when assisting a child with toileting as outlined in the restroom policy)
• Carrying children older than preschoolers or having them sit on your lap
• Being alone with a child
• Prolonged physical contact
• Opposite sex piggyback rides
• Seductiveness or suggestive contact
• Any physical contact of any kind that is done for the pleasure or satisfaction of care providers
• Any touching used to express power or control over a child

Volunteers are to connect with a Kids or Student City Leadership Team member immediately if you suspect abuse or grooming. You will fill out an incident report on the suspected abuse. The Leadership Team will report suspected abuse to the proper authorities. All information discussed is to be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

These policies exist to protect our children as well as our volunteers. Our pastors and staff will always welcome any feedback about our policies or expression of concern. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding safety or abuse at Redemption City Church, please email info@redemptioncity.com.
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