Hope for the Hungry

By: Channing Gillespie

No more hunger...
Could you imagine that? Think about that phrase. Think with me about a reality in which there is no more hunger. Think of living in a reality where you never have to hear of another child or another family going to bed on an empty stomach. Could you imagine?

The sad reality is that there is a hunger crisis.  And to add to the sadness of that reality, many of us pull up a chair to the dinner table thinking the hunger crisis is just a "third-world issue." Many of us are also convinced that the people within our communities will never face that kind of crisis. But, to believe that the hunger crisis is far away is to misunderstand the reality of the hunger crisis.

According to FeedingAmerica.org, in the state of Tennessee alone, "934,310 people are struggling with hunger - and of them 285,770 are children." If you break that number down even further, we find that 1 in 7 people are struggling with hunger in Tennessee. Lord, forgive me for every time I have taken for granted the food on my table and the food in my refrigerator .

How can you help?

Give to the Hungry: Earlier this month, we partnered with GraceWorks Ministries -- an organization based in Williamson County that has faithfully been fighting the hunger crisis in Middle Tennessee. Over the next few weeks, we are hoping to raise as much food as we can to bless GraceWorks and their efforts. To see a list of food items that you can donate, click HERE.

Give to the Future: RCC has been blessed with a little over 30 acres of land, and we want to cultivate our land to provide hope for the hungry. You can help us prepare our land to help fight food insecurity in our city. To learn more or to give, click HERE.

Give to the Cause: You can give to the cause by doing the two things already mentioned above. By giving to the hungry and giving to the future, you can play a significant role in meeting the needs of hunger -- both physically and spiritually --  within our community.

Here at Redemption City Church, we want to mirror Jesus in all that we do. All throughout Scripture, we see Jesus meeting the need of hunger -- both physically and spiritually -- and we believe that He is calling our church to take part in meeting those needs as well. And we will keep fighting until there is no more hunger.

We want to shed light on a very real need in our community and we want to cheer on those who are already fighting to meet those needs. Check out these stories!

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