Vision & Beliefs

Who is Redemption City for?

Redemption City Church is a church that loves every kind of person. Weary? Discouraged? Angry? Poor? Rich? Confused? Doubting? High class? Low class? Messy? Come from a Christian home? Never heard the gospel? Whoever you are, you will be welcomed and loved at RCC! At RCC, we believe the most loving thing we can do is to introduce people to Jesus because we believe he changes everything! Jesus helps the overwhelmed overachieve, the confused find clarity, the bored find purpose, the empty find satisfaction, complainers find contentment, the guilty find forgiveness, and more—all through the good news about who he is and what he has done, is doing, and will do. We are a church that welcomes and loves all people because we are a church made up of all kinds of people, all of which have been shown the love of Christ! We have been changed, we are in the middle of being changed, and one day will be completely like Jesus. We believe that Jesus is taking us to Redemption City, which is pictured in the last two chapters of the Bible (Rev 21-22). There, we see that Jesus fully and finally changes everything with his gospel! While we can’t wait to be there, we’re excited about all of the small ways Jesus is working in our midst to move us in that direction. We’d love for you to help us build a church that is a picture of the coming Redemption City, a city that believes Jesus changes everything. If you have any questions about our church, you can start the conversation by emailing We’re eager for the conversation to begin.

Our Beliefs

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