Feeding the hungry in Tennessee

Our mission is to be a part of feeding the hungry physically and spiritually in TN until there is no more hunger. You can join in the Hope For The Hungry team by being a part of our church wide work days or being a champion farmer( by consistently volunteering one day a week). You can find our farm and garden at 4095 Clovercroft Rd. Franklin, TN 37067. Sign up to join the Hope For The Hungry Team and join the cause!

How Can I Serve?

Church Wide Serving Opportunities

This team allows those with the desire to serve at the farm the chance to do so in a way that also accounts for most work schedules. Serving times, such as weeknights from 3pm-dark (come when you can) and Saturday mornings from 8am-noon are requested at key points throughout the growing and harvesting season. When a church-wide workday is coming up, you will receive an email with the details. Please click below to join this team. 

Farming Champion

This opportunity is available for those who have flexible schedules and want to come out during the week on a consistent basis. These “Farming Champions” are willing to commit 2+ hours (9am-1pm) one day a week (Mon, Tue, and Thur) during the growing and harvesting season. Click here to receive information on becoming a “Farming Champion”.

Property Upkeep Team

This team will work to ensure the property upkeep is maintained on a regular basis so that farming can be done more effectively. This will include mowing and/or weed eating. Click here to receive information on becoming a part of our Property Upkeep Team.

Farm Supply Transport Team

This team works alongside the H4TH farm coordinator to ensure that supplies needed for farming are readily available. This could include boxes, mulch, or farming tools. Please note that members of this team should have access to an SUV or truck. Please click below to join the Farm Supply Transport Team.