Women's Retreat Recap

By: Ashley Powell

Hey RCC!  

I am overwhelmed by the ways the Lord moved this past weekend at our Women’s Retreat!  Thank you, church, for praying, attending, and serving.  Seeing the unique gifts the Lord has given our women used for His glory and their joy before, during, and after the retreat was a beautiful picture of the church at work!

Hearing stories of women encouraged, refreshed, challenged, and equipped to press on together and individually are answers to specific prayers our Prayer Group, staff, and volunteers have been praying for months.  Seeing the invisible God become more visible through answers to specific prayers builds my faith every time!

Here’s a brief update on what happened and where we’re going from here!
What happened?
We had an incredible time of fellowship, group discussion, worship, and specific prayer. 
Caroline Saunders, our speaker, took us verse by verse through Psalm 139, modeling COIA (context, observation, interpretation, application) in such a way that equipped all of us to approach the Word using this accessible method.

Through Psalm 139, we learned that we can praise Him because we are:
  1. Seen (v. 1-6)
  2. Safe + shaped (v. 7-16)
  3. Searched (v. 17-24)
What now?
As you pray and process the weekend, here are a few options for next steps:
  • Memorize Psalm 139.  Whether you attended retreat or not, EVERYONE will benefit from memorizing God’s Word.  Take it verse by verse, and tell someone you plan to do it!  You’ll find a memorization guide/plan in the back of your packet if you attended.
  • Personal Study.  Do you want to pursue a deeper knowledge of this (or another!) text?  Make a plan to ensure success:  choose a passage, use the recipe (COIA:  context, observation, interpretation, application), and choose someone to keep you accountable.  (Tools for extra help:  Simple Study Binder* and Blue Letter Bible App*).
  • Discipleship.  Do you want to pursue a deeper knowledge of this (or another!) text within the context of a discipleship relationship?  If so, who?  How can you approach her about this?  Considering what God has put on your plate, what day/time can you wisely commit to for the next few months?  (Tool for extra help: Simple Discipleship*)
  • Specific Prayer.  Continue praying specifically for the women at your table, and pursuing a relationship with them, intentionally checking in about how they’re doing in the areas you all shared.

As always, please email me with any questions, or if I can help in any way as you pray and pursue your next steps.  I’ve committed to memorizing Psalm 139, so please feel free to ask me how that’s going!

I’m praying that the Lord would use what He began last weekend in ways that bring about change in us individually, in our homes, in our church, and in our community for the Gospel!

Ashley Powell 

  • Blue Letter Bible App
  • Caroline’s Website (If you went to retreat, you’ll find a promo code at the bottom of the packet to get Simple Discipleship FREE and the Simple Study Binder at a deeply discounted rate.  If you didn’t, you’ll find these resources are affordable and accessible!)






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