Discussion Together:  
  • What part of the sermon spoke most to you?
  • What is “The Great Paradox” that Tyler described?
  • In what ways do you think your life reflects the “The Great Paradox” in your present situation?  

Pray Together:
  • Pray for our reopening process and our first service at the Farm
  • Pray for the staff and leadership at RCC. That God would give them wisdom in overseeing and guiding the church.
  • Pray that God continues to use our church in unique ways throughout this week.
  • Pray that Jesus' church (globally) would be united and the body of Christ would be a light in the darkness.
  • Pray for the unemployed.
  • Pray for those who are sick and those who are treating the sick.
  • Pray for those who are mourning from the death of a family member or friend during this time.

Personal Reflection Questions:
  • In what ways have you set your focus to treasure Jesus this past week? What are some ways you can be more intentional to focus and treasure Jesus this week?

Give Together:
As a church, we give out of a thankful heart in response for all that Christ has done for us. Giving isn’t a way to gain favor with God – Jesus has already secured that for us. Your generosity supports Redemption City's mission in Franklin and around the world.