Puntagorda, Belize


June 9, 2020 thru June 16, 2020
apply by March 15,  2020


Estimated trip cost: $1,350

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It is our joy to be a part of the work of God in the nations of the earth! Our annual trip to Belize is a wonderful opportunity to catch a glimpse of how God is building his church in other nations! We will be partnering with the Belize Training Center where there will be several opportunities to be a part of the furtherance of the gospel in Belize. There are four primary ways we will be serving with this ministry:
  • Sharing the gospel and praying (i.e. prayer walking) with people in an unreached local village. 
  • Hosting a Vacation Bible School in an unreached local village. 
  • Hosting a worship service in an unreached local village. 
  • Attending other local churches for support and encouragement.

If You Want To Join Us, Here's What You Need To Know: 
You must have a passport! If your passport expires within the next 6 months you will need to renew your passport before departing for the trip.
Our lodging space will be at The Belize Training Center camp. It’s a comfortable stay with great amenities! The camp has wi-fi, a/c, and great food. The rooms at the camp have bunk beds and single beds. There will be separate rooms for males and females. There is also indoor plumbing with toilets, sinks, and hot/cold showers! You won’t have to rough it on this trip!

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